HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator Review {Buying Guide}

The HP 17BII+ is one of the finest financial calculators in the market. 

It combines the robust mathematical functions of the HP 17BII with the modern flare of the HP 19BII.

Many ardent HP users say the HP 17BII+ is closer in similarity to the HP 19BII than any other calculator. 

We shall find out if that is true shortly.

But first things first.

HP 17BII+ Silver or Gold?

The HP 17BII+ comes in two versions; a smaller version with a Gold-Plated front and a re-imagined larger version with a Silver-Plated front.

You may struggle with the decision about which of the two is better.

Well, they are basically the same calculator. The core functions are similar.

However, the HP 17BII+ Gold came out first. Later, HP released the HP 17BII+ Silver. The Gold version, customers lamented, that it wasn’t ideal for single-handed use. Now, the Silver version fits well into the hand.

You will hear a lot of debates regarding the speed of one against the other, but the truth is between the Silver and Gold, any speed disparity is negligible.

About HP 17BII+

Now that we are all cleared up, let’s get down to this calculator’s functionality.

The HP17BII+ is the perfect financial calculator for business and financial calculations, statistical and mathematical problems, time and date management, and customization.

With its ample memory and over 250 built-in functions, you will be hard pressed to find a mathematical function this bad boy cannot perform.

Without further ado, let’s explore the features of this calculator.

HP 17BII+ Features

#1 Financial and Business Features

If you are a finance or business buff, you will be right at home with this baby.

The HP17BII+ performs the following financial and business functions.

  • Time Value of Money (TVM) for calculating Loans, Savings, and Leasing.
  • Currency conversions
  • Amortization
  • Bond price and yield
  • Cash-flow functions including Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), Net Future Value (NFV), and NUS.
  • List-based, cash-flow analysis
  • Depreciation methods including Straight Line (SL), Declining Balance (DB), Sum of Years Digits (SOYD), and Accelerated Cost Recovery Systems (ACRS).
  • Infrared printing function
  • Interest Rate conversions
  • Percentage calculations (%CHG, %TOTL, MU%P, MU%C).

#2 Statistical and Mathematical Features

HP 17BII+ rocks an impressive array of statistical and mathematical features. They include:

  • Forecasting, Correlation Coefficient: Logarithmic, Linear, Exponential, Power x, -, – +, /, %, +/-, 1/x, yx, ex, n!, ?x, ?x2, ?xy, ?y, ?y2, LOG, PI, LN, EXP, NI, 10x
  • List-based dual-variable statistical analysis
  • Standard deviation, mean, and weighted mean

#3 Time and Date Management

As far as date and time management, the HP 17BII+ will allow you to:

  • Built-in Clock and Calendar with Appointments and Alarms
  • It has a Date Arithmetic of 1582.10.15~9999.12.31
  • Review data stored in Lists. Also, Scroll, Edit, Sort, and Store

#4 Customizable Features

HP 17BII+ features a neat list of customizable features. These include:

  • HP Solve Application. This is an App that enables you to solve a system of multiple equations. HP Solve Applications includes functions like Let, Get, and Σ.
  • 28kb memory that is unlimited within the available memory
  • You can create your own Custom Menus
  • Solve any variable sans programming

Additional Features

Aesthetic Appeal


  1. The HP 17BII+ has a 22-digit single line LCD display. You can adjust the brightness to suit you. Additionally, this calculator will Auto Shut after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  2. HP 17BII+ caters to both RPN and Algebraic calculations. RPN is super time-efficient once you get the hang of it. Also, HP 17BII+ is known to be even more accurate than some dedicated Algebraic calculators.
  3. HP 17BII+ has a 28kb memory. The previous version had an 8kb memory. You can access the whole memory to capacity. Plus, you also get to enjoy the 7K RAM.
  4. You will love the soft rubber key-press with a confirming click. The accuracy of the key presses is near perfect. Also, how about that Back-Space Key!
  5. The carbonite and alloy metallic finish gives this calculator a pristine sophisticated finish. Further, the vertical layout is perfect for single-handed use.
  6. HP 17BII+ carries two CR2032 batteries. These batteries are durable so you will seldom have to change your batteries. Some users confess to using their HP 17BII every day for three years without ever changing the battery.
  7. There are dedicated keys to quickly find menus, prompts, and messages. Moreover, you can easily recall numbers and values from the register.
  8. You can print your calculations thanks to HP 17BII+ Infrared Printer capabilities.
  9. The HP 17BII+ is acceptable for CFP Certification exams, SATs, PSATs, NMSQT, and College Board AP Tests.
  10. HP 17BII+ is ideal for Real Estate, Finance, Accounts, Economics and Business calculations.

HP 17BII+ pros & cons


  • Perform financial and statistical calculations
  • 28kb memory
  • Soft rubber keys with confirming click
  • Rubber treads on the surface to increase traction
  • Alarm clock and appointments feature
  • Quick find for common financial and statistical features
  • 2-line x 22-character LCD display with adjustable brightness
  • Vertical layout for easy single-hand use
  • Performs both RPN and Algebraic calculations
  • Extra currency conversion feature
  • Highly customizable menus
  • HP Solve Application including Let, Get, and Σ.


  • Lacks dedicated Trigonometry functions, Alpha Keypad, Notepad, and Graphics.
  • A little slower than the HP 17BII


HP goes out of its way to listen to the customers’ views and try to incorporate them into their financial calculators. For this reason, HP financial calculators such as this HP 17BII+ has just about every financial function you can imagine.

If you are looking for a reliable financial calculator that performs all the financial and statistical functions, you can’t do better than the HP 17BII+. Plus, the fact that its so durable you may end up using it for decades does not hurt.

Please share your experiences and thoughts about the HP 17BII+ and how it compares to other financial calculators you have used. We always look forward to a discussion.

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