Texas Instruments BA ii Plus Financial Calculator [ Detailed Review + Guide ]

When math is your forte, a calculator is imperative. But you cannot just go for any calculator.

There are top-notch calculators in the market that offer you excellent value. In fact, any calculator that is not allowed in a CFA exam room should stay in the back burner.

Top calculators in the market include the Texas Instruments BA II Plus and the HP 12c. We have previously discussed the HP 12c.

Today we will delve into the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator. We want to crack open its features and what makes it unique.

But before we get into that, did you know that the Texas Instruments BA II Financial calculators come in 2 versions?

Well, they do!

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator and the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator.
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Basically, both Texas Instruments BA II Plus financial calculators function the same way.

Perhaps the only difference is that the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional has a sturdier build and a stronger keypad.

Additionally, there are a few more minute upgrades to the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional version.They include:
  • The cash flow worksheet contains additional calculations, including payback, discounted payback, and net future value.
  • Sum total of cash flows went from 24 to 32.
  • Includes a modified duration of bonds and an adjusted internal rate of return (IRR)
  • The keypad is studier than that of the TI BA II Plus. For some users, this is not a plus because it means you have to press harder to input. Others prefer this to the feather-light button-press of the TI BA II Plus.

Aside from the above points, both of these calculators are perfectly capable of performing both basic and complex math problems.

Worth noting is that the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional is a tad pricier than the Texas Instruments BA II Plus. So, if you are all about the budget, you will not be missing much if you go for the Texas Instruments BA II Plus.

Features of the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

#1 Basic Math Functions

The premise of a useful calculator is to help you do your calculations fast and accurately. This aspect is, regardless of whether the math is basic or complex.

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus can perform basic math, including Trigonometry, Natural Algorithms, and Powers.

Additionally, it has 10 Memory Slots for you to store your Custom Formulas. This feature is especially useful for lengthy CFA, accounting, statistics, economics, and finance formulas.

#2 Complex Math Functions

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator can handle complicated math just as quickly as it does basic math.

Work out amortization schedules, time-value-of-money calculations, IRR and NPV calculations for cash flow analysis, and annuity calculations, among others.

Further, if you use the Schweser CFA study notes, you will find a step by step guide on how to use this calculator to do complex financial calculations.

#3​ Multifunctional Features

The TI BA II Plus offers both Chain and Algebraic modes.

You can calculate interest rate conversions and convert between nominal and effective interest rates.

Additionally, you calculate depreciation with four methodologies including SL (straight line), SYD (sum of years’ digits), DB (declining balance), and DB with SL cross-over.

That’s not all.

Calculate four regressions for statistics, namely logarithmic, linear, standard (power), and exponential.

4. Additional Features

As earlier stated, the Texas Instruments BA II Plus has ten user memories to store your custom formulas.

Further, the Texas Instruments BA II Plus does excellent Break-Even analysis. It is important to note, though, that the breakeven date calculations for the TI BA II Plus go up to 2049.

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus features a prompted display of the current variable label and value as well as a crucial second-key feature.

Moreover, the easy-press keyboard comes with a sound element.  So, no more double-takes every time you input to check if the value has taken.

Also, it’s fitted with a single ICR2032 Lithium battery featuring automatic shut-off. Even with extended use, this battery can last for up to 3 years. However, it is essential to always have a spare at hand when taking exams.

With the sturdy build and a 10-digit LCD, the TI BA II Plus is very durable. Most people have had the same TI BA II Plus all through school and well into their careers.

And finally, the TI BA II Plus weighs a meager 3.84 ounces. This attribute makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

It will never be a proper review without the pros and cons.


  • Easy to read LCD
  • Can calculate up to 24 uneven cash flows with frequencies of up to 4-digits.
  • Handles time-value-of-money calculations
  • Determine cash flow analysis using IRR and NPV
  • Work out amortization schedules
  • Evaluate interest rate conversions as well as depreciation using four methodologies.
  • Calibrate annuities, mortgages, book values, remaining depreciable amount, and loans.
  • Works with both standard and worksheet modes
  • Can perform conversions between annual and effective interest rates.
  • Carries a second key feature for faster term calculations
  • Acceptable for CFA exams
  • Easy-press buttons
  • Durable
  • Cheaper than the Professional version


  • Sometimes the battery has to be changed every few months
  • Does not have a solar feature
  • Lacks the all-important rubber feet. So, it may move around quite a bit when you’re working with it.
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Final Thoughts

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator is a formidable tool by all standards. It will perform all the functions you need without much hassle or lag.

In fact, even compared to pricier models like the HP 12c, TI BA II Plus performs at impressive speeds.

Any speed disparity between the two is negligible.

Do we recommend the TI BA II Plus Financial Calculator?

By all means. All best financial calculators tend to be expensive, but this one is the best value for money.

Please share your experiences and thoughts with us. We are always up for a discussion.

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