TI 89 VS TI Nspire Comparison :- Both Calculator Pro’s Con’s Discussed

When you think of getting yourself a calculator, what goes through your mind? What are your preferences, and what do you consider as the priority?

All these are questions that you should always consider before going ahead to invest in this device.

Choosing the best calculator is not comfortable with the hundreds of models in the market. It is, however, very vital to ensure that you give yourself the best.

This means that doing some research before putting your hands on one is of the essence. Whether you are a student or a professional who loves using calculators, then this is the right article for you.

Several calculators have been listed as more special than the others. An example of two Texas Instruments calculators that are becoming very popular with time is the TI-89 and TI-Nspire.

In this article, we’ll list down the main differences between the two calculators in terms of model and functionality.


  • TI-Nspire is colored with a brighter display matched up to the TI-89.
  • TI-89 is a bit slow when it comes to filing savings within its working system compared to TI-Nspire.
  • When you need a calculator to use in an electrical engineering course, TI-89 would be the best choice.
  • If you are looking for a calculator whose keys are suppler to use in different workings, then TI-Nspire can never disappoint you.
  • For the users who would prefer a calculator that has more space, TI-Nspire will serve them perfectly well. 


The above-listed points show the main difference between the two products. Below are again a summary of the similarities between the two.

  • The two products feature comfortable keyboards as the keys are very simple to use.
  • These calculators will come in handy for you if you need a tool that will help you solve differential equations. 
  • They are both able to store explicit files. 

Intense comparison of the two

Below is an in-depth comparison of the two products in matters of their model as well as their functionalities.

1) Encoding and convenience

These calculators are programmed in such a unique way that they offer the exact services you’d expect from them. 

Sometimes, you would even get better deals than you had initially thought of the choice of the programming you chose between the two gadgets will highly depend on the services you expect from it. 

For instance, an electrical engineering student would be more comfortable and happy with the programming of the TI-89 than the TI-Nspire.

This is because, although TI-Nspire is a great device, it can’t offer the services needed in electrical engineering.

We cannot rule out the support the TI-89 offers neither can we render it to be less important.

As it is, it can do almost every other thing the TI-Nspire can do except being used by an electrical engineer student.

However, the TI-Nspire tends to be preferred by many as it offers the same services you would get from a modern-day computer.

TI-Nspire is suppler as it can be used for very many different uses. At the same time, it allows the user to hoard and amass records with a more straightforward interface.

If you are aiming at integrating actual pictures and tables into your equations, then the TI-Inspire calculator is a sure deal.

When you add actual pictures into your calculations, it enables you to contrast your drawings with real life.

This makes this calculator an ideal addition to your working in cases where more focus and frequent checking of your hitch and comparison of it with the real world is needed.

If you are, however, looking for a calculator that you can use to store save your equations, the TI-89 is the best. This calculator also makes it possible to design games and make use of them.

Hence, it becomes the best choice when there’s a need for relating your calculations and workings to a more cooperative position.

What to choose; when it comes to programming and the ease of use, the TI-Nspire earns more points than the TI-89.

This will, however, still depends on an individual and what someone is looking for in a calculator.

2) Storage space of the two

When it comes to the storage space of the two products, we can clearly say that TI-Nspire stands superior to TI-89. This is because TI-Nspire gives you a space of 100MB while the later only comes with an internal space of 2.7ROM and RAM of 188K.

This explains why the TI-Nspire is considered to be more potent than the TI-89 in many ways.

The memory can be used in so many ways like keying-in, processing, and saving more information.

The calculator can, at the same time, run more than one process at a go, an aspect that is not very easy when it comes to TI-89.

The frame rates of the display of the two are quite different as the screen of TI-Nspire is competent to do the more vibrant movement, and imagery compares to the TI-89.

Therefore, the people who prefer a gadget with brighter and modern viewers will be more comfortable with the TI-Nspire. On the other hand, those who appreciate the traditional view will go for TI-89.

NB: The TI-89 is companionable with several CBR and CBL movement antennas. This makes it more accessible and discerning to utilize with connected motion-based courses. 

What to choose: The two calculators are good in their ways. Therefore, it is a personal choice to know the perfect one to go with. If you are someone who is sold to traditional calculators, then TI-89 will do it for you. However, if you are modernized and want something that will make you feel closer to a computer, TI-Nspire is for you.

3) Power source of the two products

Before we go to the differences in these products, it is essential to note that the two gadgets use batteries as their source of power.

However, the TI-Nspire uses a rechargeable battery while the TI-89 uses 3 AA batteries. As we would all expect, the rechargeable battery of TI-Nspire lasts longer (up to two weeks when fully charged).

The 3 AAA batteries in the TI-89 calculators last for just a week or so if it is used frequently.

If you are not a frequent user of your calculator, you would still be very comfortable with the TI-89.

However, it is important to understand that this calculator can easily mess you up if you are not keen to replace the batteries. It might also be expensive to keep on replacing the batteries now and then.

What to choose: when it comes to convenience and the battery life of the two calculators, the TI-Nspire carries the day.

This is because the battery recharging is very quick, and once full, it will keep you working for even two weeks. Therefore we can say that TI-Nspire is more convenient as you don’t have to keep replacing the battery once purchased.

However, it is possible always to ensure that your TI-89 is fully recharged by frequently replacing the AAA batteries. It is also advisable to always have spare batteries in place to avoid the inconveniences caused by low battery. This will, however, mean more work and trash; therefore, the TI-Nspire is more preferred in this situation.

4) Cost difference

The cost of the two calculators is almost similar. This is because the TI-Nspire usually is priced at $139.96, while the TI-89 usually is priced at $133.99.

However, sometimes, the TI-Nspire might be listed at $30 higher than the TI-89. This makes it more costly than the TI-89 model with just a few coins.

What to choose: just as with the rest of the pointers, this will also depend on an individual. If you are well pocket-wise, you can go for TI-Nspire, but if not, then TI-89 will come in handy for you. However, it is always important to understand that the TI-Nspire is more advantageous than the TI-89.

Therefore, since the difference in pricing is very small, it would be wise to go for TI-Nspire than the latter. This is because it is more flexible and will give you more services that TI-89.

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When comparing the two products, there must be one that will win over the other. In this case, TI-Nspire carries the day.

It is important to mention that both TI-Nspire and TI-89 are great products, and they offer very excellent services to the user. The two have proven to be great options among all the best graphing calculators available in the market today.

Although TI-89 is a great calculator, it has many shortcomings, especially when it comes to its functionality.

This calculator is more outdated, slow, and so forth. This affects its performance, and hence it becomes unreliable. The fact that TI-89 is a little bit cheaper is not enough reason to make it your first choice.

Save a few more coins and get yourself a calculator that will be worth your investment.

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